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I'm 24, nearing 25, male, live in Denmark, and have a burning passion for horses. Not always entirely PG, either. For those who recognize my name this won't come as a shock, but for the rest of you, before you read any further about me, know that I'm a zoo. That's short for zoophile, which in turn is Greek for animal lover, which ... Yeah, I think you get the meaning now. I love horses. Deeply. Emotionally and physically.

Shocking, no?

I have by now four horses. The two of them are mother and daughter, the other two are a pair of Friesians; one filly, one colt, the latter of which has been through a vasectomy, allowing their little herd to have what I consider a more natural herd life - without me having to find uncertain homes for foals.

Other than that I also play around a lot with computers, and I'm an avid RPGamer. I'm very active in the MUCK environment of Tapestries, a couple of other MUCKs and MUSHes, and a zoo talker or two.
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